New: TeamViewer 14.3.4730.0

TeamViewer 14.3.4730.0
Provides remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing, and file transfer between computers

  • Uninstall existing versions of TeamViewer
  • Install TeamViewer
    • Apply customer-specific settings
    • Install the customer’s license key
    • Suppress the creation of the desktop shortcut
Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
Common exit codes

New: Zoom 4.4.53901

Zoom 4.4.53901
Video conferencing, online meetings, and cross platform group chat

This package includes a WSUS deployable CAB file, complete with deployment and reporting rules

  • Install Zoom
    • Configure the customer’s single sign-on (SSO) URL
    • Configure the customer’s login domain
    • Set the client to start silently and automatically
    • Set the client to start minimized to the system tray
    • Enable automatic updates
    • Suppress the creation of the desktop shortcut
    • Disable the ability to login with Google
    • Disable the ability to login with Facebook
    • Add a firewall exception to avoid a UAC prompt at logon
    • Set the default login type to SSO, if configured
    • Enable HD video by default
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Updated: MassDeploy BitLocker Drive Encryption

MassDeploy BitLocker Drive Encryption
Encrypt the OS drive and back up all recovery keys to Active Directory

Now displays real-time status in the MassDeploy Portal

  • Check if this is a BitLocker-capable OS
  • Check if a TPM chip is available
  • Check if we can back up recovery keys
  • Take ownership of the TPM by setting an owner password, only for Windows 7/2008R2 and Vista/2008
  • Check for existing numerical password protectors
  • Add a numerical password protector, if one does not exist
  • Back up all recovery keys to AD
  • Turn on BitLocker and begin the drive encryption
  • Display a detailed success or failure message, except in silent mode
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New: Mozilla Firefox 60.7.2 ESR

Mozilla Firefox 60.7.2 ESR
An Extended Support Release (ESR) of Mozilla’s web browser

  • Choose the installer based on the OS architecture
  • Install Firefox
    • Suppress the creation of the taskbar shortcut
    • Suppress the creation of the desktop shortcut
    • Enable automatic updates
  • Disable the health reporter
  • Disable all data uploads (Telemetry and FHR)
  • Disable the crash reporter
  • Disable the default browser check
  • Disable showing ‘know your rights’ on first run
  • Disable showing WhatsNew on first run after every update
  • Disable the internal PDF viewer
  • Disable the flash to javascript converter
  • Disable automatic extension disabling
  • Disable the prompt to import bookmarks
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Updated: Dell Driver Pack – Monitors

Dell Driver Pack – Monitors
Drivers for Dell monitors

Added drivers for the Dell P2317H, P4317Q, and U3818DW monitors

  • Install drivers
    • Dell P2317H 23″ Monitor – A00-00 (2016-04-20)
    • Dell P4317Q 43″ Monitor – A00-00 (2016-05-24)
    • Dell U2518D 25″ Monitor – A00-00 (2017-06-14)
    • Dell U3415W 34″ Monitor – A00-00 (2015-09-12)
    • Dell U3818DW 38″ Monitor – A00-00 (2017-06-20)
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Updated: Mimecast for Outlook

Mimecast for Outlook
Provides real-time access to your Mimecast email archive from within Microsoft Outlook

Now allows inbound Mimecast traffic through the Windows Firewall, previously only applied to 32-bit installations

  • Abort the installation if Microsoft Outlook is running, only in Silent and Unattended mode
    • In Interactive mode, Mimecast will prompt users to close Outlook
  • Install the prerequisite: .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Choose the installer for Mimecast for Outlook, based on the installed Office architecture
  • Install Mimecast for Outlook
  • Allow inbound Mimecast traffic through the Windows Firewall, only on private and domain networks
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