Updated: MassDeploy Portal

MassDeploy Portal 1.1.0
A managed, intelligent, graphical interface for installing and updating software, drivers, firmware, and Windows


The Portal now displays a status report of an OS build at first log on, with any issues sorted to the top.  Easily add one-off applications, such as iTunes under the Applications tab.  This marks the 1.1 release of the MassDeploy Portal, with many refinements, optimizations, and bug fixes.

  • Faster startup time
  • Improved UI responsiveness, moved more load off the UI thread
  • No longer requires admin-privileges to start, but will prompt for elevation before running a package
  • Packages now have an Install/Run button, automating the creation and execution of the queue
  • Adding installations to the queue is more intuitive, now indicated by a “+ Install”
  • Added a retry button for failed installations
  • Added a cancel button to remove items from the queue
  • Large package tiles now display status and light-up while running, so you can see progress while browsing
  • Packages now pull real-time status from the Package Wrapper, only newer packages (v 2.5.8+)
  • Packages now run silently, displaying status within the Portal, to prevent obstruction of the UI
  • Added an “Update all” button to install all available updates
  • Added a Status tab to replace and combine the Queue and History pages
  • An installation progress indicator is now displayed in the always-visible label of the Status tab
  • Packages now automatically install in the proper order. e.g. Outlook add-ins will install after MS Office
  • The installation queue is now visibly sorted to match the installation order, instead of alphabetically
  • The installation queue has a new wide layout to fit more data on-screen
  • Packages in the installation queued no longer flash an invalid timestamp while re-evaluating applicability
  • Scrolling through the installation queue now works
  • The History section now sorts issues to the top
  • The History section now changes “Pending reboot” status messages to “Success” after a reboot
  • The History section now downloads any missing icons from the nearest MassDeploy server, when available
  • Scrollbars no longer reset to the top after loading package icons
  • Fonts have been brightened for readability
  • Log file time-stamps are now ISO 8601 compliant. e.g. “2007-04-05T12:30.102-02:00”
  • Attempting to run a damaged or externally-blocked Package Wrapper now displays an error with an option to retry, instead of entering a retry loop
  • New command line option: -WindowState (Maximized|Normal|Minimized)
  • New command line option: -Tab (Applications|Utilities|Status)
  • New command line option: -AppStateIni “<path to saved app-state INI file >”
  • Created a workaround for a bug in .NET Framework 4.0 causing a rare crash while adding packages on-screen
  • To allow updating while running from a shared network location, the Portal now re-launches from cache