We’ll automate your OS deployments

Unlike images, system builds are logic driven, clean installations of Windows, drivers, language packs, and applications, producing reliable and consistent PCs and servers.

  • Purely scripted installations – No images
  • Boot from the network or any bootable device
  • Fully unattended – Pick an OS and user group, then walk away
  • We manage all installation and configuration logic
  • All your sites are always up-to-date

We make sure the right drivers and software are installed for the device you are building, the selected user group, the physical location, etc.  Just choose a version of Windows and the target user group.  Our software handles the rest.

We write all application logic for you, because we know our software best.  Should your VPN client only install on laptops, never for QA, and be configured to connect to the nearest office?  No problem.

If the end-user requires additional software, simply highlight one or more packages in your software portal, and they will be installed automatically.

When desired, we automatically approve newer versions of software, except when it might significantly change the user experience or incur a licensing cost.

We support hundreds of models of PCs and servers including custom built devices, but we focus on:

  • Dell Latitude, XPS, Optiplex, and PowerEdge series
  • Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre series
  • Microsoft Surface series
  • HP EliteBook, ProBook, ZBook, and ProLiant series
  • VMware ESX virtual machines
  • Microsoft Hyper-V virtual machines