Start Panel Layouts for Windows 10

Your MassDeploy Windows 10 builds include a custom Start Panel layout, but you may supply your own layout for any or all Windows 10 builds, by emailing an exported layout to our support staff.

Exporting to an XML file

On any Windows 10 PC, customize the Start Panel as desired. Then, open Windows PowerShell, Command Prompt, and run the following command:

Export-StartLayout -Path "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\StartLayout.xml"

Or from a Command Prompt, run the following command:

powershell.exe -Command "Export-StartLayout -Path "$env:USERPROFILE\Desktop\StartLayout.xml""

You should see a file called StartLayout.xml on your desktop. Please email this XML file to your MassDeploy support team, and specify which OS build option(s) it should apply to.