New: Sysinternals BGInfo 4.20

Sysinternals BGInfo 4.20
Automatically display relevant information about a Windows computer on the desktop’s background

  • Install BGInfo
    • Add AD Site field and value
    • Add Manufacturer field and value
    • Add Model field and value
    • Add Roles and Features field and values
    • Add Serial Number field and value
  • Configure auto-run
  • Create Start Menu shortcut
  • Run BGInfo
  • Allow non-admins to update the wallpaper and its configuration

Command line arguments
<none> - Minimally interactive install
/u - Unattended install
/s - Silent install
Exit codes
210 - Failed to create app data directory
211 - Failed to create startup shortcut
212 - Failed to create Start Menu shortcut
213 - Failed to run Bginfo.exe
214 - Failed to extract fileacl.exe
215 - Failed to run fileacl.exe
216 - Failed to delete fileacl.exe
Common exit codes